Group Companies

The group now consists of 5 companies, working in many countries across the world, with approximately 800 employees, generating a turnover in excess of £71m. The growth of the group to 5 companies has strengthened its ability to offer a wide range of construction activities. Each of our companies provides integrated support to the group, providing key functions and services to the external markets.

Joseph Gallagher Limited / Johnston Trenchless Solutions

Company Overview

Joseph Gallagher Limited (JGL) is the largest tunnelling and civil engineering subcontractor in the UK, working mainly for blue chip companies and main contractors on some of the highest profile tunnelling projects in the country. Amongst many others, the company has worked on projects such as The Channel Tunnel Rail Link, various London Underground projects, Hindhead Tunnel and Crossrail Projects at Bond Street, Mile End and Connaught Tunnel. 

Additionally, Joseph Gallagher carries out extensive concrete frame and basement construction contracts for a number of main contractors and developers.

Joseph Gallagher operates in four areas: Tunnelling, Civil Engineering, Johnston Trenchless Solutions and our Middle East operations.

Joseph Gallagher Limited / Johnston Trenchless Solutions
Company History

Joseph Gallagher Limited (JGL) was formed by Joseph Gallagher, who has created and developed the business in his own image as a hard working, honest and client focussed entity, specialising in shaft sinking and tunnelling. In all of the years the company has been in operation, JGL has never lost a client or had a formal contractual dispute.

In 2004, JGL took the opportunity to expand into further markets and formed the Civil Engineering division, undertaking work such as reinforced structures, particularly concrete frames, retaining walls and basements. JGL is a preferred contractor for St George's superstructures and substructures across London, working on their majority of their portfolio.

In 2009, JGL took the opportunity to operate in the Middle east on a joint venture basis and currently leads the way with trenchless technology internationally.  

JGL, trading as Johnston Trenchless Solutions (JTS), is a division which was purchased from Carillion in November 2010 and has its origins dating back to 1924, when the company was founded. Continually expanding over the years, the company developed its expertise in tunnelling and construction within the water industry. With JGL's reputation for hard work and delivering high quality, the business has grown significantly into the leading civil engineering and tunnelling contractor in the UK.


Joseph Gallagher Limited / Johnston Trenchless Solutions