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More environmental recognition for the Joseph Gallagher Group

The Green Organisation Silver Membership
“...setting an excellent example in their industry sector....”
Joseph Gallagher Group, the civil engineering company based in Orsett, Grays has been honoured by The Green Organisation, one of the world's leading environmental companies.

The Green Organisation has recognised Joseph Gallagher Group's environmental commitment by upgrading them to Silver Status members.

This means that they will qualify for a comprehensive range of business support, and 200 trees will be planted in their name this month to mark this milestone.

Another nine trees will be planted on their behalf every month in conjunction with the United Nations Billion Tree Campaign and Green Earth Appeal.  The trees are planted around the world, often to restore a region's natural balance in the wake of environmental disasters - but they also provide food, fuel, shelter, farming and educational opportunities in emerging nations, as well as helping the environment and providing wildlife habitat.

The Green Organisation began in 1994 and it is an international, independent, non-profit, non-political environmental membership group; dedicated to recognising, rewardng and promoting environmental best practice around the world.  They do this by publishing the world's only annual reference work on environmental best practice, and distributing it free of charge to governments, local authorities, universities, commerce, industry, environment professionals, politicians, the media, etc.

Roger Wolens, founder and managing director of The Green Organisation, said: "It is a pleasure to acknowledge the environmental commitment and achievements of Joseph Gallagher Group.  They are setting an excellent example in their industry sector and others can learn a lot from their continuing endeavours.  They fully deserve their Silver status."