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Business Update 20.06.20

“...We need to be the safest and best performing business in our industry. ....”
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Safeguarding our people, our reputation and our business.
In what is an unprecedented and challenging environment for all of us, there is no doubt that the legacy of the COVID-19 pandemic will be profound. In addition, the forgotten BREXIT which was already causing issues is still to be dealt with.

Our focus and guidance on COVID-19 has been essential in the past 12 weeks. However, on our sites and in our offices, we have established procedures that allow us to safeguard our people and it is now time for us within the Joseph Gallagher Group to see COVID19 procedures as business as usual. COVID-19 is not going away and we must deal with it, and we will adjust where necessary going forward. It is however now a fact of life. 

This week, we held safety stand downs as a direct result of some very concerning incidents that we believe to some extent are a result of loss of focus on the day job. Fortunately, the harm caused by these has been minimal, but as more of our people have returned to site and we operate under the new ‘normal’ we strongly believe that a reset of thinking and focus is required.

COVID-19 is neither an excuse or a reason for us to forget our LIFE Culture, or that there is far more chance of us suffering harm doing the day job than from the virus.

The focus now returns to ensuring we do the day job safely and look after each other. 

From Monday 22nd June our Daily Briefing emails with be changing to LIFEonSITE Communications.

The LIFEonSITE daily emails will provide guidance and focus on performing safely and delivering excellence.

Our objective is to make sure everyone on site is kept up to date with how our safety and quality measures are being implemented and updated. 

It will focus on Living Incident Free Every day and ensuring we are working safely and looking after each other.

The emails will include a COVID-19 Briefing which will provide information to ensure everyone understands COVID-19 related safety procedures and information.

This email will provide clear and consistent communication on our ways of working and any changes in working arrangements. Each site will need to translate this into the specific actions it needs to take, depending on the nature of their project, including the size and type of project, how it is organised, operated, managed and regulated.

Our future - performing safely and delivering excellence.
The future is going to be challenging. It is now widely accepted that we face a recession the depth of which will be unprecedented. The predicted “bounce back” is now a fading memory and recovery time is expected to be significant. Redundancies are being announced daily within ours and many other industries – over 600,000 in the last last two months. Only this week Careys, Keltbray, Atkins and MACE have announced significant redundancy programmes. Travis Perkins have announced 165 branch closures and 2500 redundancies; indeed, we have made some redundancies of our own.

As a business our view is that in a shrinking market only the safest and most delivery focused businesses will survive and thrive. It is important that everyone understands that our reputation, and safety culture fundamentally impact our chances of winning future works.

We need to be the safest and best performing business in our industry.   

We understand that delivering our projects is difficult at times and that our delivery teams face many challenges and obstacles, but we must not shy away from these.

The foundations for success already exist.
We have an exceptional reputation.
We have an award-winning culture.
We have exceptional people with an incredible work ethic.
We are technically skilled to provide excellent delivery

There are some excellent examples of what we have been doing in only the last week included at the end of this briefing. We must consistently deliver similarly across the Group and our LIFE Culture remains a primary driver in this. 

Please ensure we look after each other. If we perform safely and deliver excellence, we will survive and thrive through 2020 and into the future. We can only do this together.

Once again, our sincere thanks to you all. Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, Excellence and Determination – this is what we stand for and this is what sets us above the rest. Our best wishes to you all and your families and please stay safe,


Joseph Gallagher and Steve Harvey  
Chairman and Group Managing Director