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World Quality Week (WQW) Celebrations

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We were proud to be supporting CQI's World Quality Week (WQW) for the second year running. This year's focus was on quality's role in sustainability and its environmental impact. The sustainability awareness raising campaign hosted by the Chartered Quality Institute saw organisations from around the world take action and address business issues contributing to the harm of our planet.

As part of the group's WQW celebrations, the Quality team delivered a creative email campaign across the week offering staff insights into sustainability challenges at national and business level and what how everyone has a responsibility to help reduce our carbon emissions.

Early morning 'sustainability briefings' were also delivered on site across the week highlighting the group's current wastage levels, the impact this was having on the environment whilst discussing ways to reduce our paper, concrete and steel wastage across the business.

It was great to see over 500 members of staff join in the celebrations in some shape or form.  Staff are also been encouraged to contribute there ideas on how we can improve our working ways to enhance efficiencies across the business.