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Upcycling old plant equipment helps Environment & Business

As we prioritise our efforts in becoming carbon neutral – we are excited to embrace new ways of thinking whilst harnessing the skillset of our employees.

In as little as 2 weeks – Plant Manager Gerry Durcan and Mechanical Superintendent Craig Curry transformed an old, retired diesel concrete pump into an electric pump by replacing the old 75hp 111B diesel engine with a 55KW electric motor. It’s currently being used at our Euston project.

The new converted pump offers an amazing CO2e reduction of 80% and an energy (kWh) use reduction of 77%.

Not only have we brought a new lease of life back into a tired old pump – we've been able to generate a green solution benefitting the business and the environment. Other enhancements include: the pump being much quieter, a reduction in risk of spills as no refuelling is necessary and it offers more control of the pump.

Another concrete pump conversion is already in progress.