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TBM recovery mission triumph in Arabian Gulf

The Herrenknecht AG tunnel boring machine AVN2000AB was safely recovered from the sea bed of Arabian Gulf last week.  14m long 110t 2200/2640 TBM located 10m under the sea had to  be excavated, transported almost 40km and offloaded using a 350t crawler crane onto a jetty with precision.

Thanks to a solid partnership between JV partners 
Al Hassanain and Joseph Gallagher Limited, the operation was completed in only 4 days despite adverse weather conditions with winds up to 50kmp/h and temperatures reaching 48 degrees Celsius).

Steve Harvey, CEO of Joseph Gallagher Limited said: "A superb recovery completed by a dedicated multinational team. Utilising state of the art pipejacking and marine recovery led by JGL and JV partners Al Hassanain, combining the talents of both companies resulting in one fantastic delivery team. The final leg of the project will now involve the installation of a 350m long diffuser beneath the Arabian Gulf. Thanks to everyone who has played their part so very well."

The TBM has now completed the longest sea outfall in the Middle East using modern pipe jacking methodology (almost 2km) and forms part of the mega project - Umm Al Hayman WWTP.


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