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The launch of our safety behavioural programme!

“...We will create together an inspiring environment to ensure we are Living incident Free Everyday, where we are proud to be part of the Joseph Gallagher Group....”
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Even though our business had all the policies and procedures in place to operate safely, it was clear after a number of incidents that our people were making the wrong choices. Together with safety experts Alkoomi, we have developed our LIFE (Living Incident Free Everyday) programme, based on the premises that we believe it is possible to send everyone home safely every day.

Our process started with a cultural survey of the business and a confidential report prepared by Alkoomi, with employees giving open and honest feedback of what they thought of JGL. This report is what has shaped our LIFE programme.


Life stands for “Living Incident Free Everyday!” and is a way of working that ensures our primary goal – that we all go home safely every day!

Our Life programme is based on the premise that we have all the safe systems and process that most companies have and now it is about getting individuals to make the right choices. If we could guarantee that every day every individual working within the business would make the right choices, we have the safest business in the world.

Joseph Gallagher the Chairman of the Joseph Gallagher Group and Steve Harvey, Group Managing Director, lead the LIFE programme with regular face to face engagement and updates from our key people within the business.


Our key people will lead by example everyday and be conscious that their behaviours influence those working with them. All of our leaders will be committed to making a difference, realistic about the challenge, concerned for their people, unafraid of failure or success, energetic and trusting.

Our workforce will understand and believe that their safety is our first priority and will operate in a manner that means that however menial the task they will stop and think before acting. They will choose to follow method statements and risk assessments, activity briefings and acknowledge an incident free day as a successful day!

Our programme is based on a culture of exceptional leadership and mutual respect!


“We will create together an inspiring environment to ensure we are Living Incident Free Everywhere, where we are all proud to be part of the Joseph Gallagher Group”

“I will ensure that every employee knows personally that I am committed to ensuring that they go home safely everyday. I will visit every site and meet every employee and ensure they are aware of my mobile phone number and that they can contact me at any time if they have any concerns that conditions at work or behaviours of our people are putting at risk their ability to go home safely everyday!” – Steve Harvey, Group Managing Director.

Joseph Gallagher and the leaders of the business firmly believe, that all accidents and incidents are avoidable. Therefore delivering such a result requires everyone one of us to be committed.