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Industry leading immersive health and safety training

“...The commitment demonstrated by Joseph Gallagher to LIFE shows the entire workforce this is more than a fad or fancy badge.....”
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Joseph Gallagher began its Living Incident Free Everyday (LIFE) behavioural safety programme, to change fundamentally its culture and attitudes towards safety, back in early 2015.
“We have had great successes with the programme so far, our attitudes and ways of working have moved on. But there is still more to be achieved.” Joseph Gallagher, founder and Group Chairman“The aim of our LIFE programme is to provide the exceptional leadership and mutual respect at all levels that is required to empower all our people to feel comfortable with challenging behaviours and situations.  At Joseph Gallagher we view leadership as fundamental to promoting and sustaining the safety and wellbeing of our people. A safe business is the by-product of the business having exceptional leadership. We are continuing on our journey with this next phase of our LIFE Culture.” Steve Harvey, Managing Director


Industry-leading and award-winning training

From the 1st October 2018 every member of the Joseph Gallagher Group is attending an industry-leading and awarding-winning immersive training day provided by Active Training Team (ATT).

The ATT immersive training day combines live drama, film, exercises and facilitated discussion. It brings together senior leaders and managers, operational and site staff, contractors, back office teams, partners and suppliers, on the same course.

“People come away with a deep, lasting awareness of their responsibility for their own safety and that of colleagues and the practical communication tools to make a difference.” Dermot Kerrigan, Director Active Training Team.In feedback to date, over 95% of participants said they would be more confident in challenging poor health and safety practice, because of the training day and 100% understand that everyone regardless of role or function is responsible for health & safety.

One attendee commented that: “The commitment demonstrated by Joseph Gallagher to LIFE shows the entire workforce this is more than a fad or fancy badge, LIFE really stands for something, the more people enrolled on FIT for LIFE the closer we will be to ensuring all our people go home safe today, tomorrow and every day.”

What does good leadership look like?

There is clear evidence that strong visible management commitment is the basic component of a successful health and safety culture; it must exist at the top and reach all levels of the organisation. Management must also ensure that a culture of mutual respect throughout the business is the norm.

A key part of the Fully Immersive Training or ‘FIT’ for LIFE, is that it demonstrates that everyone is responsible for health and safety and can be a leader in safety no matter what their role or position in the organisation. FIT for LIFE focuses on engaging with our workforce at all levels and at every opportunity to empower them and provide them with the tools to challenge un-safe behaviour.

Translating leadership into action

Leadership is always more effective when it is visible. Joseph Gallagher has established a LIFE Leadership Team (LLT) made up of representatives from all disciplines to provide direction and strategy for the business and to shape its exceptional safety culture. “Our goal is to act as leadership role models across the organisation. To be visible and spend time with our employees, demonstrating to them that health and safety is a core value and nurturing the behaviours required to move the needle towards living incident free everyday for all our employees.” Paul Gallagher Managing Director Designate and leader of the LLT.

Inspiring our employees to act – it begins with ‘me’ and ‘we’

Over the coming weeks, the new range of communications, tools and further on-site and classroom training will complement the FIT for LIFE one day course. Making sure everyone has the skills, abilities and resources they need to do their jobs safely. “We are working hard to create an environment where our employees feel comfortable speaking up, asking questions and voicing opinions. Key to our engagement strategy is that our employees know they can contribute, be listened to, and have their ideas acted upon.” Jaine Bolton Group Marketing and Communications Manager. 

“Promoting safe working is one thing, but Joseph Gallagher want to encourage the attitude that “LIFE begins with me.” We do things in a safe way because we want to, not because we have to. If we have a business where everyone makes the right choices all the time we have the safest business around. We want the environment to allow these choices to be second nature ” Says Steve Harvey.

Joseph Gallagher are creating an environment where people choose to make the right choices. That is true wherever you work, from procurement, to planning, HR, engineering and project management. Everyone has points of impact and influence, even though they may not know it or fully appreciate the impact their actions have. The training that ATT offers, brings this home for people in an absorbing and visceral way that is leaving everyone within the Joseph Gallagher Group with a lasting understanding of their role in ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone on a project.


About the Joseph Gallagher Group
The Joseph Gallagher Group consists of several businesses that complement the core activities of tunnelling and civil engineering. The companies, combined with our exceptional engineering personnel and focus on "The Right Solution" give us the ability to deal with most technical issues that arise on a project using in-house capability, whilst being able to meet and exceed most client expectations for delivery and value.

About Active Training Team (att…)
Active Training Team are innovators in safety leadership, developing experiential training with one outcome in mind: behavioural change. 
Creators of the game-changing EPIC induction package for Tideway, ATT are a team of professional writers, trainers, facilitators, psychologists, coaches and actors. ATT has won multiple industry awards, and works across the construction, transportation and energy sectors, with clients including Siemens Gamesa, Ørsted, Crossrail and Transport for London.
ATT uses a unique and immersive approach which ensures that participants complete their training with a lasting awareness of their role in maintaining safety culture. This approach is proven with senior leaders and managers, operational and site staff, contractors, back office teams, partners and suppliers. With a total commitment to learning through experience and participation, ATT Directors Dermot Kerrigan and Adam Christopher and their team draw on twenty years’ experience in the sector.

Winner of the 2018 British Construction Industry Award for Health, Safety & Wellbeing Initiative of the Year
Winner of the 2018 Construction News Award for Training Excellence
Winner of the 2018 Ground Engineering Health and Safety, and Editor’s Choice Awards