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February Best Practice Winners

“...46 awards issued so far this year....”
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In February 2019, we presented 24 Best Practice Awards, making that 46 awards in total since the start of the year.

Our people are our best ambassadors, both with clients and within the local communities where we work.

The Best Practice Scheme recognises the talent, dedication and loyalty of our people, who demonstrate our Core Values and help drive performance.

You can see all our winners over on the Joseph Gallagher Facebook Page

Aide Logue Excellence
Nicola Cecere Respect
Rexhep Biba Teamwork
Dumitru Zugravescu Excellence
Hardip Singh Determintation
Joe Blair Teamwork
Daniel Jemson Excellence
Dumitru Agache Determintation
Raimondas Rudzevicius Integrity
Jason Allison Determintation
Christy Muldoon Integrity
Tani Mata Determintation
Craig Curry Teamwork
James Thorneycroft Excellence
Amrik Singh Teamwork
Eugene Marsh Teamwork
Panojot Mazoj Excellence
Aiden Logue Determintation
Raymond McSorley Excellence
Angel Dindov Determintation
Sokol Gishti Excellence
Billy Bull Teamwork
Ravindher Singh Teamwork
Raghbir Singh Teamwork