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Joseph Gallagher’s LIFE Culture wins international acclaim at Tunnelling Festival Awards 2019

“...promoting a culture change within the industry ....”
The Joseph Gallagher Group are proud to announce their LIFE Culture won Health, Safety & Wellbeing Initiative of the Year category at the 2019 New Civil Engineer Tunnelling Festival last week.

The New Civil Engineer judging panel commented that Joseph Gallagher “are promoting a culture change within the industry and demonstrating initiatives to dramatically improve Health, Safety and Wellbeing on tunnelling projects.”

The company’s LIFE Culture began in 2014 and is a way of going to work that puts safety and well-being at the top of the agenda. Joseph Gallagher, Group Chairman explains, “Our LIFE Culture began five years ago, when we chose to set ourselves apart in our industry and begin a journey to move towards something greater than ourselves. We are still on that journey and always will be. This award is validation that we are on the right track and is another great milestone along the way.”

Paul Gallagher, a member of the LIFE Leadership Team (LLT) said, “We want to instil in everyone that our teams are not just a group of people who work together, they are a group of people who care and trust in each other. LIFE and indeed the entire Group is built upon core values which mirror the leadership shown by Josie, Steve and the LLT. It is our culture, that makes us special. We must do everything to protect and nurture it. LIFE begins with each of us.”

Group Marketing and Communications Manager, Jaine Bolton has created many of the campaign’s initiatives, producing highly visual messaging to overcome language barriers within a diverse workforce and was praised by the judges for submitting a “passionate entry”. Jaine commented, “This is a very proud moment for all of us, LIFE is providing our people with a confident and proactive mindset. Language and cultural differences can often cause problems with understanding regulations and the safety culture of an organisation. But we believe that when we empower our people and provide a sense of belonging, we create an inclusive and safe workplace. It’s a privilege to create communications that build on that belief every day.”

This was the second annual Tunnelling Festival which recognises and rewards those projects, teams and companies doing the most to drive the tunnelling sector forwards.
 “We are so proud to receive this award and thank all our people for engaging in LIFE and putting us in a position to be recognised worldwide for our efforts.” Steve Harvey, Group Managing Director.

New Civil Engineer editor Mark Hansford said:
“The projects, the innovations, and the teams that we judged were exceptional and prove – once again – that this is an industry that delivers for clients, and for society at large.”


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Operating in the UK, Ireland and the Middle East; the Joseph Gallagher Group consists of several award-winning businesses that complement the core activities of tunnelling and civil engineering. These companies, combined with our exceptional engineering focus, give us the ability to deal with most technical issues that arise on a project in-house, including design and the provision of specialist construction plant and equipment.

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Founded in 1982, Joseph Gallagher Ltd is a family owned, award-winning business that delivers expertise and innovation, putting our people’s safety and well-being and client satisfaction at the core of the business. Built on a personal reputation for honesty and drive, today Joseph Gallagher Ltd is the largest tunnelling subcontractor in the UK.

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