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Honouring the life of Tony Gallagher

“...Once met, truly never forgotten....”
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It is with great sadness that we have to announce the recent death of Tony Gallagher. 

Born on Arranmore Island, County Donegal in 1945, Tony was the twin brother of Josie, father to Shane Gallagher and one of the founding members and true driving forces of the business at its inception and during its growth to where it is today.

Tony was a character ‘once met truly never forgotten’ and a real inspirational presence to those who came into his path: to this day, the relationships he forged with those whom he guided for so many years live on.

His work ethic and dedication to his craft were unparalleled, and though he certainly didn’t suffer fools gladly (as he would have well acknowledged!), there was no warmer or kinder person to take you under their wing if he saw someone displaying the commitment he valued and giving their all.

Our LIFE values have never been more embodied than in Tony, and we would have to add lion hearted courageousness to actually do him justice. Till the very end, he showed as much of his renowned determination and stoicism in his battle against illness as he did every day on site.

Without his drive, excellence and most of all loyalty, we can hand on heart say the company wouldn’t be where it is today.
Tony will be forever missed but never forgotten by all of the Gallagher family, the business and indeed all that came into contact with him. Our thoughts are with his wife Bernie, daughter Ellen & son Shane at this difficult time.

We will confirm the details of the funeral along with the restrictions that will unfortunately impact the ability of people to attend.