Health & Safety

LIFE (Living Incident Free Everyday)

The Joseph Gallagher Group Commitment -  "We will create together an inspiring environment to ensure we are Living Incident Free Everyday where we are all proud to be part of The Joseph Gallagher Group"

Our business embarked on a behavioural safety programme in late 2014 after a number of incidents that suggested to us that whilst we had all the procedures and processes in place in order to operate safely, people were still making the wrong choices. We have called our programme LIFE (Living Incident Free Everyday) and it is based on the premise that we believe it is possible to send everyone home safely every day.

LIFE Culture, Living Incident Free Everyday

LIFE is a way of working that ensures our primary goal - to go home safely everyday!

Our key people will lead by example everyday and be conscious that their behaviours influence those working with them.
Our workforce will understand and believe that their safety is our first priority.
Our people will understand that they must follow method statements and risk assessments, activity briefings and will choose to do so.
Our people will operate in a manner that means that however menial the task they will stop and think before acting.
Our people will see an incident free day as a successful day.

We refer to the programme as our LIFE Culture


is a way of going to work that puts safety at the top of the agenda.


is a philosophy that we expect our people to follow.


is a culture of mutual respect and extraordinary leadership.


is a way of living for our people and those who work with us.


is at the core of everything the Joseph Gallagher does.

Experience LIFE Culture

Heath & Safety News

  • JGL celebrate International Women's Day

  • Joseph Gallagher’s LIFE Culture wins international acclaim at Tunnelling Festival Awards 2019

  • Joseph Gallagher awarded RoSPA Gold for health and safety practices

  • February Best Practice Winners

  • Industry leading immersive health and safety training

  • Demonstrating our core values in building an environment free from harm.

Our Covenants

  • Commitment to health and safety to yourself and others
  • Always acting with honesty, integrity and loyalty
  • Respect for and trust in each other
  • Pride in whatever we deliver
  • Being approachable and communicating openly
  • Leading by positive example
  • Positive work ethic and attention to detail

Our Values

  • We will always live by the values we set for everyone
  • We will recognise and encourage positive behaviours
  • We will never walk by
  • We will always be open to change
  • We will learn from the past and challenge the status quo.