To continue to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations and further strengthen our reputation for delivering quality projects, we recognise the significance of embedding a superior quality management system.

As an accredited ISO9001 holder since 2015, our quality control defines our ability to deliver unrivalled results for our clients. We continuously review our set quality targets, developed specifically for each site together with regular monitoring and reporting.

Key to the success of our robust quality measures is the Quality team, made up of our trained site quality engineer champions and led by experienced and passionate Group Quality Manager, Padraig McEntee, all of whom are members of the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI).

Site Briefing during World Quality Week
Site Briefing during World Quality Week 2021

As a Group, we’re proud members of the Get It Right Initiative (GIRI) since 2021. This gives us priceless access to industry best practices and simultaneously allows the SHEQT team to contribute our own learnings.

Together with an impactive campaign and passionate quality engineer champions on site, we leave no stone unturned in our endeavours for ensuring that quality remains the highest across every site activity, big or small. This emphasises a positive approach to the prevention of error and improves productivity and overall client satisfaction.

We make it a priority to visit all our sites frequently with the goal of driving our main ‘Prevention not Correction’ campaign at the heart of every visit. The campaign emphasises a positive approach to the prevention of error, improving productivity and eliminating rework across the Group.

Padraig McEntee

Group Quality Manager, JGL

New site staff are introduced to our ‘Prevention not Correction’ campaign from the very first day. This year, we tailored and integrated the campaign learnings into the new starters online induction course.

This ensures that all our new starters are fully up to speed before they start on site about how the Group manage workers minimising accidents on site whilst always maintaining the high standards we are known to deliver.