We have set an ambitious target of becoming net-zero by 2030 – and here’s what we are doing to achieve this challenging target.

Of course, our industry has a responsibility to embrace change, but we at the Joseph Gallagher Group ahead of the game and are already changing the way we operate. We strive to make the projects we deliver as sustainable as currently possible. Our commitment to embedding cleaner processes, materials whilst creating a positive environmental impact, was recognised by The World Green Organisation last year.

During the turbulent and trying times of the world current climate, we are prioritising our sustainability practices and environmental strategy, which was refreshed this year due to the issue of climate change becoming increasingly apparent. From wildfires in Australia, America and Greece, to heatwaves in America, UK and Japan to the flooding in Germany, India and China to name but a few - the need for action and commitment to achieve real, tangible results toward the fight against climate change has never been more prevalent than now.

Indeed, The World Green Organisation selected JGL to become World Green Ambassadors after scooping three Green Apple Awards last year, including a Gold Apple Award for Sustainable Development in Carbon Reduction and two further Bronze Apple Awards for Improvement and Community Benefit. It’s our response to addressing climate change that has driven our change toward sustainable practices, greener strategies and leaving a lasting legacy in the communities we work in.

"We are thrilled to receive this accolade. We continue to embed environmental initiatives throughout our core business functions, including design and procurement practices, whilst sharing best practice across the industry. We're passionate about championing our environmental commitments, ensuring that we give careful consideration to the planet's resources, both in the long and short term."

Ian Ford

Group Environmental and Sustainability Manager, JGL

The team at the Green Apple Awards in London
The team at the Green Apple Awards in London

With a strategic board endorsing the Group Sustainability Strategy - we have a clear roadmap in place to help us ensure we are delivering on our set objective to reduce our carbon footprint year on year and remain on target to becoming net zero by 2030.

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