Health, Safety & Wellbeing

A safe, positive and empowering working environment is an integral part of our business ethos, encouraging our people to reach their full potential whilst delivering outstanding projects together as one team.

Our Safety, Health, Environmental, Quality and Training (SHEQ) team are therefore invaluable to helping ensure each of our sites maintain a safe and happy working environment for our people.

Safety in the workplace is and should be expected, but cannot be achieved without the required levels of competency. As a family business, we are proud to invest in training and development for our people, across all levels of the business.

"We are all responsible for health and safety in the workplace. Our people are fully briefed and trained on how the business embeds its award winning cultural behavioural programme - LIFE (Living Incident Free Everyday). Our statistic show the fewer the number of incidents on site, the better the project performs operationally. This is simply down to how every worker follows our LIFE values and behaviours."

Mathew Beechey

Group SHEQT Manager, JGL

Our growing community of dedicated mental health champions (many of whom speak multiple languages) on site and in our offices have a clear purpose to support our people and continue to drive positive change. This year we celebrated:

Best practice awards


Best Practice Awards 2023

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Trained Mental Health Champions

Best practice awards


Mindfulness Diploma Graduate

The mental health and well-being of our people working on site or in one of our offices is equally important. With the work dynamic changing for everyone in recent years, we have moved to fully integrate these needs into the fabric of our day-to-day business.