Our Vision & Values

Our vision is to:

Create a high performing culture that focuses on hard work, collaboration, our surroundings and - above all - the safety and wellbeing of our people.

We have made a commitment to create an inspiring environment for our people to feel safe, empowered and succeed while they work proudly for the Joseph Gallagher Group. It’s an environment that has evolved significantly, but relies on putting our people first.

The core values of the business remain unchanged since the business was started by Josie Gallagher in 1982:

  1. Hard work,
  2. Integrity, and foremost
  3. Safety.

As valued members of the Joseph Gallagher family, our people respect and champion these core values, and it is their willingness to embrace these values which lies at the heart of our success.

Our award-winning LIFE cultural and behavioural programme (Living Incident Free Everyday) underpins our core values and everything that we stand for when it comes to the safety and wellbeing of our people.

It is integral to how we operate and do business, both in the UK and overseas, and is based on the premise that we believe we should be sending everyone home safe and well every day.

It’s more than a safety programme – it’s our entire culture. The values and behaviours are impressed upon all new employees as soon as they become a member of the Joseph Gallagher Group and we demand they are at the heart of everything we do - both individually and collectively - as a business.

"Our mission is to work in tandem with project partners to understand the challenges when it comes to communities and the environment. We want to champion and inspire positive change: to reduce the chances of harm to our people on site, people in the communities where we work and of course the natural environment and its habitat."

Paul Gallagher

Group Managing Director, JGL

Want to get a taste of what our LIFE culture is? Then you'll definitely want to watch the video below.

LIFE Teamwork Value Poster
Life Teamwork Value
LIFE Respect Value Poster
LIFE Respect Value
LIFE Integrity Value Poster
LIFE Integrity Value
LIFE Excellence Value Poster
LIFE Excellence Value
LIFE Determination Value Poster
Life Determination Value
LIFE poster
LIFE values