Striving to deliver high quality standards of work across all our projects is what we pride ourselves on.

As a leading provider in the industry, we recognise the importance of embedding a robust quality management system designed to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients and certified to BSI ISO9001:2015 standards. We have established a new approach to quality control, through the implementation of a quality management system that ensures on-going reviews of our quality targets and objectives, a focus on 'Prevention not Correction' initiatives, continuous monitoring and reporting spearheaded by an experienced and passionate Quality Team.


Quality 2021


Our ‘Prevention not Correction' campaign was refreshed and relaunched internally in 2020 re-emphasising a positive approach to the prevention of error, improving safety and eliminating dangerous rework, improving productivity, and reducing associated waste and carbon emissions. The campaign's impact and effectiveness was recognised by the Institute of Internal Communications in 2021, where it received a highly commended award of excellence for 'best ongoing communications'.


Padraig McEntee our Group Quality Manager promotes the campaign with support from the our appointed senior quality champion, Tony Matheson (Commercial Director) to ensure all sites exemplify and understand the principles of the campaign.

We pride ourselves on integrating quality across each part of the business, from governing quality of our projects right through to the operational parts of the business. Our Quality Policy allows the business to establish a management framework of targets and objectives against which progress can be monitored towards the continual improvements of operations and services across the Group.

Some of our quality initiatives include:


‚ÄčNominated Quality Engineers

Each of our sites have a nominated operative championing quality. They engage with the workforce ensuring the principles of our ‘Prevention not Correction’ initiative are implemented by every operative on site. We curate detailed responsibilities for this role and each nominated Quality Engineer is specifically selected based on their skillset, standards of delivery and importance they place on quality. Quality Engineers meet monthly to share good practice and lessons learnt which are fed-back directly to the Board.


Online Quality Induction

We have developed a bespoke online quality induction course to help communicate our quality principles as well as our 'Prevention not Correction' initiative that all our operatives must complete and pass. To ensure we are inclusive of our diverse workforce, the course is available in alternative languages.


Monthly Quality award for best performing site

We want to recognise and reward the hard work and emphasis our teams place on quality whilst delivering challenging tasks on site every day. It's evident of teams who champion and embed our LIFE values into their roles as the quality delivered is exemplary.


Regular Reporting

Each site develops a quality plan outlining how the team will manage quality overall, who has responsibility for each process amongst the site team along with inspection and test plans detailing what inspections will occur during the works, who and how they will be monitored.

Quality reports are produced by the Quality Team and presented to the Board on a monthly basis for two-way transparency.


GIRI Members

The Joseph Gallagher Group became a proud member of the Get It Right Initiative (GIRI) in 2021 and has reaped the benefits already with improved productivity, sustainability, quality and safety levels, with the introduction of the 'Prevention not Correction' campaign to eliminate error. Our GIRI membership provides valuable access to relevant forums, seminars and hear about best practice in the industry whilst being able to contribute our learnings. Our Group Quality Manager was invited to write a blog on our 'Prevention not Correction' campaign:


Our Quality Management System is certified to BSI ISO9001:2015 and we have held continuous accreditation since 1998. We believe quality is everyone’s business and the best way to ensure that high quality products and services are delivered is to involve everyone. 


BSI ISO 9001:2015     Download our Quality Policy



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