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Drill and Blast

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Service Overview

We combine our experience with the controlled use of explosives or gas pressure blasting pyrotechnics – which breaks the rock down ready for excavation. This method is used when traditional mechanised tunnelling is not suitable and where bespoke solutions are needed.

With our highly trained blast engineers and cutting-edge technology we deliver precise execution with minimal errors leading to high quality deliverables and ultimately satisfied clients.

We adapt to our client’s requirements, no matter the scale. With our inhouse services and expertise - we work with you closely to offer bespoke design and delivery solutions for your project.

From quarries to open cast mining, tunnelling and shaft-sinking, our quality of work and company reputation make us the preferred partner for drill and blast. The recent UK drive to Carbon Net Zero has released significant funding and attracted investors into Pumped Storage Hydro Schemes - a key market for modern day drill and blasting for the future.

Our flagship drill and blast project involved JGL being appointed by Anglo American to help extract precious POLY4 multi-nutrient fertiliser found deep down these mines. It will set new standards for sustainable mining while helping to boost food production and sustainable farming practices.

Expertise, the latest technology underpinned by the Joseph Gallagher core values of safety, trust, and hard work we make your drill and blast project a ground-breaking success. For more information – get in touch with our team today.

To hear about our experiences and how we can help you.