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HDD Horizontal Drilling

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Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a favoured trenchless pipe installation technique.

The reason for its popularity is down to its convenience and unrivalled speed of implementation. It’s the preferred approach when installing underground infrastructure as other methods are costlier, impractical and impact heavier on the local environment.

We’ve been delivering HDD solutions across the country, offering experienced and pinpoint graded drilling, with fine-tuned drill processes to overcome all ground conditions. It means we are the partner you need to take on all manner of challenging projects.

By using this technique, pipes from 100mm diameter to 1000mm can be installed with a length of up to 1000m. These trenchless solutions are widely used for cross country pipelines, water pipes, onshore cable routes, offshore outfalls and in some cases, gravity sewers.

We make it easier with our fleet of cutting-edge HDD rigs, ranging from 12t to 500t, which covers all sizes of projects.

To hear about our experiences and how we can help you.