Project Title

Eltham Shaft


Appointed by HMJV to construct a caisson shaft as part of the overall major rail infrastructure works taking place in North London.


National Grid/LPT2
Main Contractor:
Hochtief Murphy Joint Venture (HMJV)
23 weeks
  • Project delivered on time and on budget,
  • Exceptional client and main contractor relationships built.
  • Excellent collaborative approach taken - LIFE principles implemented in partnership with HMJV’s H&S system

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Project Overview

Joseph Gallagher was appointed to construct a caisson shaft for National Grid on behalf of the Hochtief Murphy Joint Venture.


The team had anticipated difficult ground conditions, so a decision was made of, caisson sinking the shaft wet then dry. During the shaft sinking process, the ground conditions dictated changing to caisson sinking early due to the shaft becoming out of tolerance and resulting in the caisson sinking process, no longer being continued.

The process was changed to underpinning and continued thereafter until the shaft was complete.

An impressive 44 metres from the surface to the bottom of the shaft was delivered despite the challenges faced.

Added Value

The main contractor benefitted when the team was casting concrete slabs around shaft, whilst conducting our works and assisted again when the project was coming to an end.

Thanks to our Group services, JGL were able to offer hire out their plant to HMJV on completion of the shaft in order for the remaining works to be completed.

To hear about our experiences and how we can help you.

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