Irish Salt Mining & Exploration Ltd

This was a one off project wherein JGL constructed an incline drift to the salt mine for the client.

Overall the project took 9 years from early contractor involvement to final delivery. Both Joseph Gallagher, Chairman of the JGL group and Richard Dexter, Tunnelling Director, made multiple visits to site to see ISME and they in turn were able to visit JGL sites and take references from previous projects. The design was developed by working with planning consents and knowing geotechnical information to deliver a scheme which both benefited them and was cost effective.

This proactive approach allowed confidence in each other and generated an atmosphere of trust and reliance on each other's strengths. Testimony to the amount of collaborative planning put into the project is that during the two years construction, the client hasn't needed or been asked to issue a single instruction for additional works.


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    I would like to thank JGL for all their help, professionalism and expertise from project feasibility through to construction. They have maintained a work ethic throughout which has produced a tunnel finished to an excellent standard and fit for servicing our newly extended mine.




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    This has been one of the most enjoyable schemes of my career, being able to influence right from inception the type of technique and layout, as well as working within the client budget is something I will always be proud of.




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    It has been a pleasure working with ISME, they have been a most knowledgeable client, willing to work hand in hand with JGL for everyone's mutual benefit, testament to this being the exemplary safety record of no lost time or reportable accidents, we are delighted for our name to be associated with this scheme.




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