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Brent Knoll Flood Alleviation Scheme

Project for Wessex Water using shaft sinking and microtunnelling processes.

  • CLIENTWessex Water

  • CONTRACTORWessex Water

  • LOCATIONBrentknoll, Burnham on Sea

  • EXPERTISETunnelling

  • SERVICESShaft sinking, micro tunnelling and manhole finishing

An Overview

JGL were contracted by Wessex Water to aid the construction and installation of a new large pumping station shaft for the flood alleviation scheme in Brent Knoll.

The £600,000 scheme aims to provide much needed flood relief to Brent Knoll; a village near Burnham-on-Sea which has suffered from flooding issues causing standing water and sewage in Brent Street.  Roads, surrounding gardens and properties have been damaged in the village. Majority of the flooding is not helped by a complex network of watercourses, highway drains and culverts which are unable to deal with the heavy rainfall in the area. 

JGL have been responsible for running new piperwork and manholes from the existing pumping station to the new pumping station.  The works include approximately 410m of 600mm diameter pipes with various caisson shafts for drive and reception shafts.

The client, Wessex Water, initially outlined for the scheme to be undertaken using the auger bore technique. However, due to the ground conditions being extremely soft and the ground water being almost at ground level, due to being on low land, JGL felt that the slightly large pipe (600mm) for the microtunnelling process would be a much better product and also prevent the potential for the drive line to drop or sag during construction. The workforce also used a full face slurry machine for less risk of flooding on site. 

All works - 5 out of 5 caisson shafts sunk and grouted - have been completed over the course of 7 months and the site has been demobilised with the microtunnelling plant and equipment moved to our new project, Visqueen. 


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Wessex Water - Brent Knoll Video  


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