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Queen's Park, Glasgow

Shaft construction and tunnelling works for Scottish Water

An Overview

Joseph Gallagher were sub contracted by CVJV for shaft sinking, concrete works and tunnelling for Scottish Water's project; Queen's Park in Glasgow.  

The project - of which is just shy of 2 years in construction - involves the construction of a secondary shaft which will connect the new 3.1 mile long waste water tunnel to the existing sewer network.  We are carrying out the pipejack works which involves creating an 80m tunnel running from shaft 4 to the bifurcation chamber where the existing sewer connects to the new waster water tunnel. 

The 80m 2.45m ID tunnel will be constructed through varying strengths of mudstone, sandstone and coal seams. JGL adopted a road header TBM machine for this pipejack between the two shafts meaning that the Client, Scottish Water, do not have to pay for a TBM to be provided specifically for this project. 

We are now approaching one year working alongside the Client on this project and the 80m pipejack is currently 75% completed to programme.