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High Pressure Flow Lines

Microtunnelling under a major road in North Kuwait, to install 42" sleeve pipes for the use of new water, gas and oil lines.

An Overview

The works for the High Pressure Flow Lines Project, North Kuwait involved tunnelling under a major road and originally started with 2 crossings that developed into a further 2 crossings. JGL working with its partner Kuwait British Company (KBC) were originally approached to install 2 42” carbon steel sleeve pipes by Micro-tunnelling. The existing bores of 22” and 26” were offered by the client to be completed by HDD.

JGL advised the main contractor to propose to the client to complete all crossings by 42” sleeve pipes due to the length and depth of the bores along with the ground conditions encountered. JGL advised that it was not suitable for the application of HDD or a smaller size of microtunnelling machine.

Following failure by another contractor of the HDD bores the client turned to JGL to execute our original proposal of 42” sleeve pipes for the extra crossings.