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Water Transmission Development Project

Non-disruptive road crossing works including 4 crossings of 1850mm OD and 2 crossings of 1450mm OD.

An Overview
The required Non Disruptive Road Crossings (NDRC) works for the Water Transmission Development Project 2009-2012 in the Kingdom of Bahrain (tender reference 4616B) were critical to this project due to the location of the required crossings. The section of works awarded to JGL included 3no crossings of 1850mm OD and 2 crossings of 1450mm OD of welded Carbon steel sleeve pipes for installation of 1200mm and 800mm ductile Iron product pipes. The location of the crossings for the 1850mm OD were critical as they crossed Shaikh Isa Bin Salman Highway which is the only major highway to the King Fahd Causeway connecting Bahrain to the mainland of Saudi Arabia. JGL completed the NDRC works using Iseki Unclemole’s sourced from the group fleet at Specialist Plant