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Azzour to Mina Abdulla Pipeline - Shaft Construction

To plan and execute shaft construction and associated microtunnelling works.

An Overview
The Azzour to Mina Abdulla pipeline project was awarded to Kuwait Arab Contractors (KAC) by the Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) in late 2013. The project had a total of 800m of 1600mm ID  and 1800mm OD microtunnelling but the works were split between two contractors with 480m being awarded to Kuwait British Company and Joseph Gallagher. JGL were employed along with their local partner Kuwait British Company (KBC) to plan and execute the shaft construction and associated microtunnelling works. All the works were planned and executed by JGL. The project consisted of 4no parallel pipelines that would eventually transport sea water from the expanding power station at Azzour to a new water desalination plant at Mina Abdulla to be turned into drinking water for use throughout the state of Kuwait.