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Kew Bridge

Kew Bridge is a four phase development in West London, including design and build of a substructure, superstructure and adjacent public house.

An Overview

Kew Bridge was a four phase development in West London. Joseph Gallagher were contracted to design and build the substructure, superstructure and an adjacent public house. The substructure consisted of a single storey basement with the permanent earthwork support provided by steel sheet piling. The foundations were essentially a ground bearing slab formed on terraced gravels. There were six blocks on the development all built traditionally with flying tables. The public house, ‘One Over the Ait’, is essentially a steel frame with brick work cladding. The roof is formed from Spanish Slate on oak trusses. Joseph Gallagher provided the shell and core. All the external hard landscaping was installed by Joseph Gallagher Ltd but designed by others.