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Wood Lane Sub-Station

Construction of a new sub-station within a small footprint site.

An Overview
Space limitations and logistical challenges
The new 43MVA 132/11kV main electricity substation in Wood Lane, providing enough power for over twenty thousand new homes. The substation is located on the edge of White City and it will help enable the area’s long-term redevelopment and to provide homes and jobs.
The project site for the new substation was located under a fly-over, posing a number of challenges for the project.
Fortunately, we had developed a good working relationship with Clancy Dowcra and many of the previous team that had worked together at the Stewarts Road project, we together again for Wood Lane. This gave us a distinct advantage.

Close management of stakeholder requirements.
Pre-construction was valuable and benefitted the project greatly, especially for our complex lifting operations. These were monitored closely by various stakeholders, including; London Underground, UKPN and a local college all with assets close to the site.

Joseph Gallagher Wood Lane Sub Station